Navigating Social Media Roadblocks: Going Beyond Buzz to Serve Your Public

Most government communicators are limited in what they can do on social media. But while it’s tougher for government communicators to use social media, you can breakthrough with creative solutions and a better understanding of the rules of engagement—not to mention, the latest best practices. This session breaks it all down. You’ll learn:

  • Key benefits of social media for government communicators (including during crises)
  • Navigating roadblocks, restrictions and regulations: How KCMO embraced social media to provide value and share local success stories in a more strategic way
  • Managing a “Big 5”: What’s working in public affairs and executive comms on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and (yes) even Nextdoor
  • Fun ideas to try: Creative reels and fun stories to engage and advocate
  • How and when to champion change and address hot button issues on social media
  • April Leonard
    Social Media Manager
    City of Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO)