Navigating Media Disruption: Innovating PR Strategies in a Changing Landscape

Join us for this engaging fireside with Peter Cherukuri, the visionary who led data-driven innovation at Cheddar, POLITICO, Huffington Post and the Economist Group. We’ll explore today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, including changing ownership structures, emerging players, evolving business models and the utilization of generative AI tools and disruptive technologies in the press.

You’ll hear:

  • Unpacking today’s media ecosystem — plus strategies to forge relationships amid M&As and strategic partnerships.
  • How to adapt PR strategies to evolving media business models: A look at changing revenue models, such as subscription-based content and native advertising — and innovative approaches to help you align with these monetization strategies.
  • Maintaining brand visibility and audience engagement through content marketing and sponsored content.
  • Embracing your inner innovator: Successfully integrating disruptive technologies like AI and VR/AR  into your PR planning, campaigns and storytelling — including the ethical considerations around AI-driven content generation.
  • Bill McCarren
    Executive Director
    The National Press Club
  • Peter Cherukuri
    Founder & CEO, LeaderBoard Media