Must-Know Email Stats and Secrets: How to Reach and Resonate

No matter how great your promotion or offer is, email marketing can only succeed if your audience actually sees and interacts with your emails. Even with well-designed graphics and engaging copy, an email is only as effective as the actions it motivates your audience to take. From hyper focused target lists to eye catching subject lines and CTAs, learn email marketing best practices to cut through the noise and ensure your emails stand out in your audience’s inbox. Miles White, Senior Web Manager for digital customer experience (CX) technology and services company TTEC, will share the most important truths for creating powerful email campaigns that support business efforts and help meet both marketing and bottom-line goals.

You’ll learn:

  • Email marketing trends, subject lines and email copy strategies to increase open and click through rates
  • Ways to use personalization, visuals, call-to-action text and tailored content to add a human touch to your campaigns—and encourage scrolling and clicks
  • The importance of delivery and mobile optimization to increase engagement and avoid the junk folder
  • How to measure success—and use the data to power future email marketing efforts and follow-up nurture streams