Moving Forward: How to Bridge Divides and Decrease Partisan Gridlock

If anyone knows how to navigate headwinds in a partisan world, it’s a former presidential and mayoral candidate who launched a new political party. Join for hard-won lessons to help you find common ground to move your own public affairs agendas forward. You’ll hear:

  • How to communicate more effectively with a divided public
  • Presidential candidate speech insights: Soundbites that resonate
  • How to create a platform from nothing based on a unifying message
  • How to energize and engage followers—even when the news isn’t good
  • How to establish yourself or your exec as a national figure—hard-won lessons from national and local political campaigns that faced significant headwinds
  • Brian Pittman
    Virtual Events Producer and Moderator
    Ragan Communications
  • Andrew Yang
    Former Presidential Candidate and Founder
    Forward Party