Modern Measurement: How Real-Time Data Can Power Your PR Efforts

Real-time data is crucial to getting the most out of the modern media landscape. When a crisis arises, we may feel the urge to quickly respond and defend ourselves, but doing so without all the necessary facts can make things worse. We also may feel frustrated when we miss out on an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction due to a lack of information. This session will demonstrate how access to real-time data can affect the outcome of both a crisis and an opportunity.

Together, we’ll focus on:

  • How the reaction to a TV presenter’s criticism of the government amplified a crisis in the UK.
  • How a global automotive brand won the trust of a community.
  • Handling crises: How to leverage real-time data in media relations when bad news strikes.
  • Seizing the moment: Techniques for tapping real-time data to spot and leverage opportunities.
  • Benedict Nicholson
    Director of Content