Mental Health & The Remote Employee: Creating a Remote Work Policy to Reduce Burnout & Loneliness

Burnout is a phenomenon that is becoming progressively common worldwide, so it’s important to be able to identify the initial symptoms of this struggle and implement a solution before it escalates. Loneliness is also something that has repeatedly come up over the course of the global pandemic pushing remote work onto employees. So, as we look forward, how do we create a remote work policy that reduces loneliness, increases job satisfaction and lowers burnout?

This session will cover:

  • Identifying the signs of burnout
  • Describing flexible work options
  • Understanding the benefits of flexible & remote work policies
  • Examining the key determinants of loneliness in America’s workforce
  • Understanding the costs of loneliness in your employees
  • Determining the best remote work policy to improve job satisfaction, employee experience and innovation
  • Gretchen Rose
    Director, Human Resources
    Cozen O’Connor
  • Heather Gleason
    Employee Benefits & Payroll Services Manager
    Arbitration Forums, Inc.
  • Amy Freshman
    Senior Director, Global HR