Measuring your Internal Comms Efforts from Audit to Outcomes

Validating the effectiveness of your internal comms department to the C-suite means measurement tools to effectively gauge your success and being able to communicate those results in a language they understand. You essentially must become internal marketing analytics professionals and ensure you are choosing the right tools and the right KPIs to measure.

In this session, we will:

  • Understand the visible and invisible ROI factors
  • Determine what to measure and what data you need to track
  • Identify ways to measure your internal comms ROI
  • Learn how to use your intranet dashboards and metrics systems
  • Understand the benefits of reading open & click rates, app usage
  • Share challenges in measuring internal communications due to the sheer number of intangibles
  • Tausha Cowan
    Director of Internal Communications & Knowledge Management for Travel & Lifestyle Services
    American Express