Measuring for Success: Collect and Analyze Data that Improves Your Programs and Impresses Execs

Data that’s just “nice to know” won’t help you make informed decisions or show leaders the value of your work. To make an impact, you have to parse and present metrics that matter most to leadership in a way that swiftly tells a story it can act on. This workshop arms you with the techniques you need to quickly—and convincingly—communicate results and showcase how your work drives organizational goals and hits management’s hot buttons. See how AARP is strategically using the vast amount of data available to them in today’s tech landscape.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Determine which KPIs tell you the most about employee engagement—and which ones matter most to leadership
  • Draw valuable insights from the data on your digital channels and use them to optimize your programs
  • Blend qualitative and quantitative analysis to tell a cohesive story
  • Show the impact of internal communications on the bottom line to defend your budget in a time of economic uncertainty

  • Andrew Bates
    Enterprise Data Strategy Director