Measuring Employee Engagement and Creating Insights-Driven Remote Workplace Strategies

Creating effective digital workspaces that support and cater to the employee experience, especially in the current remote workplace reality, means internal and employee communicators must wear the data scientist hat. Finding ways to tap into your employees’ shifting behaviors, needs and desires is crucial for boosting engagement, cutting down on stress and burnout, and better facilitating executive and manager communications that drive employee happiness and productivity.

In this session, discover ways you can create insights-driven strategies and measure your workforce efforts and campaigns—along with employees’ behaviors—for greater success.

You’ll learn:

  • Top strategies and tools for measuring engagement across digital workspaces
  • Ways to gather and effectively integrate employee feedback into effective strategies for remote and hybrid teams
  • How to measure and report employee engagement to executives to show digital workplace ROI—and gain additional buy-in
  • How to approach remote workplace strategies with a data-informed, researched-backed approach
  • Marni Zapakin
    VP, Group Manager, Analytics