Measure Your Storytelling: How to use data secure resources and leadership support

Storytelling is an art, but today, creating content that puts your organization on the Web map MUST also be a science. The vital element: Measurement. Learn how Cleveland Clinic measures the success of their content marketing and how they have packaged and publicized metrics internally, every day of the year to command C-level support and resources to build and grow an even bigger, more robust content marketing department. They’ve even converted physicians into enthusiastic social communicators. How? With their clever, pertinent use of statistics drawn from their experiments on several social platforms.

Key Takeaways:

  • How content can be directly connected to business goals
  • Examples of successful stories
  • To develop a process for content creation
  • Measurement tools and techniques
  • Leadership communication tactics
  • How to maintain organic reach and engagement on social media
  • Amanda Todorovich
    Director of content marketing
    Cleveland Clinic