Meaningful Metrics: Measurement strategies that get results

Everyone clamors for data these days, particularly in the ambiguous health care environment where change happens fast and resources have shrunk. It seems no project gains approval unless you first produce metrics that show value. Too often we collect data that are easy to measure, rather than find data that bring meaning to our communication strategy. We struggle with how to package and share the data we’ve worked so hard to collect, spending precious time and resources preparing reports that may never see the light of day.

Annie Burt will share strategies Mayo uses to measure internal communications. Burt unlocks the secrets of using data to provide big insights.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ideas for quick, easy research anyone (on any budget) can implement
  • When data collection can inform a decision, and when that ship has sailed
  • How qualitative data yield deeper learning that supports “clicks, hits and likes”
  • To organize data to compel the attention of stakeholders and leaders
  • Annie Burt
    Manager for Institutional Communications
    Mayo Clinic