Meaningful Messages in an Age of Perpetual Crisis

At a time of ceaseless national, global and brand crises, a chorus of voices on social media now have unprecedented power to solidify, damage or repair corporate reputation. Thankfully, your responses do, too. In this session, our experts explore the nature of how crises have changed over the past year, look at the sources that start and amplify them and share their strategies for responding to an incident with the appropriate speed, message and action. You’ll learn:

  • Recent and future crises that are emerging across industries — and how communicators can safeguard their organizations to lessen the inevitable blow
  • How to bring strategy, not just the story by activating your crisis plan and org chart to ensure all internal stakeholders are ready to do their part
  • Strategies for crafting holding statements that are situationally specific and appropriate with terms pre-vetted by legal counsel
  • Media monitoring tactics that can help you determine when sentiment has reached a threshold that merits a response or action