Mastering Mindfulness FUNdamentals: Exercises to Boost Wellbeing at Work

A staggering 80% of professionals experience high levels of workplace stress, according to recent research. Join this fun, interactive experience led by mindfulness consultant and director of HR for the Memphis Grizzlies to lighten your stress levels — and those of your teams. You’ll discover how to apply the latest mindfulness techniques to cultivate a more harmonious work environment and unlock greater wellbeing and productivity at your organization. By the end of the session you’ll:

  • Understand the complimentary relationship between comms and mindfulness—including how to increase intention and attention in communications.
  • Master applying mindful micro-moments into your (and your team’s) workday to decrease stress, maintain focus, create self-awareness and do your best work.
  • Practice “Stable Attention” with an interactive “Just This” exercise that you can take back with you to help teams, execs and employees stay focused, develop a peaceful “home base” and boost wellbeing.
  • Harness essential “brain facts” that help your teams understand why they think, feel and do the things that either add or detract from transformative comms.
  • O. Shelley Kemp
    Human Resource Manager and Mindfulness Coach
    The Memphis Grizzlies