Mastering AI-Powered Writing and Storytelling

Thanks to a host of new AI tools, you can craft clear, compelling and, yes, even caring content, copy and communiques faster — all without sacrificing personality, voice and results. Join this hands-on, interactive workshop tailored to employee and executive comms pros who want to stay effective, efficient and relevant. You’ll learn how to streamline content creation processes, deliver personalized messages and optimize your messaging for clarity and impact. We’ll cover:

  • A deep dive into Natural Language Processing tools like ChatGPT — and how to use them for clarity, tone and readability.
  • Personalized communication at scale: Techniques for using AI-powered writing to create targeted and engaging messages for diverse internal audiences.
  • Data-driven insights: How to harness AI analytics for insights into audience preferences so you can create more tailored and impactful emails, posts, speeches and more.
  • Streamlined writing: How to use AI tools to make your content creation, editing and proofreading workflow more efficient — saving you time, stress and effort.
  • Practical use cases and breakouts: We’ll workshop the best prompts to generate everything from mission statements to thought leadership pieces, employee surveys, strategic business updates, internal memos and more.
  • Miri Rodriguez
    Senior Storyteller, Author "Brand Storytelling"