Mastering AI-Powered Writing and Content Creation

You’ve heard plenty about generative AI and may even have experimented with it — now it’s time to delve deeper and get practical with the latest AI techniques to dramatically improve your internal comms copy, content and capacity. This workshop will teach you how to apply strategic prompts to generate powerful prose and pixel-worthy images that make your job easier while engaging your workforce with persuasive content. You’ll discover:

  • Understanding three types of AI: Learn about narrow AI, general artificial intelligence and superintelligence, and what each are able to deliver for communicators.
  • What’s new: The trends, tools, and lawsuits you need to know about AI today.
  • The AI toolbox: How to get the most out of ChatGPT, Gemini, Lumen5, Claude, and Microsoft’s Copilot, plus a list of the top AI tools for communicators.
  • Scaling workflow and production: How to use Gen AI to reduce the time and effort required to craft compelling internal comms content – plus, real-world AI use cases and examples of AI applications for internal comms content.
  • Writing and prompt engineering: How AI can help edit and improve your writing, plus how to select and fine-tune prompts that elevate your prose — without sacrificing creativity and voice.
  • Other uses: How to use AI to run persona building, sentiment tracking/analysis and message testing so you can adjust and optimize your content — from email headlines and CTAs to better posts and body copy.
  • Compelling visuals: Simple ways to create compelling custom imagery, layouts and design elements that will reinforce your message — come ready to dig into Lumen5.
  • Gaining buy-in to level up: How to encourage leadership in your organization to embrace a hands-on, test-and-learn mentality that helps them understand its capabilities and how it factors into success.
  • Martin Waxman
    Adjunct Professor
    York Schulich School of Business