Master New SEO and Content Trends: The 2018 guide to giving content greater reach and results

Do you feel pressure to deliver better results with the content you create? Join these separate sessions with SEO-PR president and Rutgers instructor  Greg Jarboe followed by Google’s  Karen Budell to master new content marketing techniques—and amplify your content’s reach and results.

What’s new: Creating an SEO strategy that aligns with recent changes

This informative session will explore evolving search behaviors and recent search engine updates—and reveal the keys you need to unlock the power of SEO today. You’ll leave with fresh insights and a simple SEO strategy you can use immediately to start building buzz for your content.

You’ll learn: 

  • The latest search engine behaviors and updates
  • New SEO rules: Principles every communicator must now know
  • Three steps to boost your search results: How to conduct effective keyword research, create keyword-driven editorial calendars and optimize content for keywords
  • Insights into using analytics to better understand performance

Greg Jarboe is the president of SEO-PR and a digital marketing instructor at Rutgers University

Give your content more momentum—and measure the impact

Discover how to create a compelling content plan that appeals to readers and attracts online audiences. Join this separate webinar session to learn what it takes to tell a stronger brand story—and how to build a content program that drives more traffic and achieves measurable results.

You’ll learn:

  • How data can help guide your content and storytelling strategy
  • How to create a content plan—from ideation to execution and publishing
  • How to measure the impact of your content and adjust it as needed
  • Ways to tie it all together with examples and case studies 

Karen Budell is the content marketing lead for Google enterprise platforms. @kbu79

  • Greg Jarboe
    President and co-founder
  • Karen Budell
    Head of digital customer experience strategy for YouTube Ads Marketing