Master Google Tools for Communicators Virtual Summit Increase creativity, collaboration and productivity

Are you searching for the best tools to get your business organized? Are you interested in learning about Google communication tools that will not only help you become more productive but also help your organization connect and collaborate? Join this three-session virtual summit and learn how to use key communications tools to help your business advance. You’ll leave with real-life examples to tailor to your organization and greater confidence in your knowledge of Google tools.

What you’ll learn:

  • Google communication tools that help communicators connect
  • Advanced features of Gmail, Calendar, G+ and Hangouts/Meet
  • How to create a productive communications team by using essential Google tools
  • Tools that help communicators create great and effective content
  • Real-world applications—how to implement them and create an effective comms team
  • Kevin Verde
    Head of strategic services development
    Onix Networking Corp.
  • Solange Jacob
    Senior project manager
    Onix Networking Corp.
  • Martin Shervington
    Plus Your Business