Marrying Earned and Social Media: How to Combine Teams and Efforts for Breakthrough Results

Mainstream media is more fractured than ever, but remains a critical component of any PESO communications program. After all, established publishers have built-in reach, influence and engaged audiences that your own content can’t compete with on the same scale. That’s why it makes sense to integrate your mainstream media and social media efforts in a more holistic, channel-agnostic approach. Hear how this veteran communicator has done precisely that with her team, resulting in breakthrough creativity and results. You’ll hear:

  • How to rethink structure, responsibilities and collaboration across PR and social media teams
  • How seeding positive stories in social media can carve out space in a news hole dominated by bad news
  • How to tap social media to friend, follow and pitch hard-to-reach A-list editors and reporters
  • How to amplify mainstream coverage across your top social media platforms
  • How to transform your online newsroom into a media hub that feeds your “Big 5” social channels (and vice-versa)
  • Proof of concept: Killer KPIs, inspiring examples and lesson-implicit case studies
  • Therese Van Ryne
    Head of global PR, thought leadership and corporate social responsibility
    Zebra Technologies