Managing Your Brand During a Crisis: (Re)Setting Priorities amid Quarantines (and Worse)

Lives are at stake and so is your brand. How to balance your responsibility to multiple stakeholders with consistent, clear communication during the outbreak? Join to discover how to plan for workforce and supply chain interruptions while managing safety, reputation and finances—in that order. You’ll learn:

  • Transparency and authenticity during crisis and why it matters
  • Omnichannel communication: How to reach—and speak to—the press, public and investors
  • How to avoid negative brand impressions and damaging your reputation with vestige marketing, advertising and messaging (you know, everything you were working on before COVID-19)
  • How to monitor the impact of the outbreak on your brand through key metrics—and adjust
  • Recovery communications first steps—steps to start taking now to restore your reputation after the COVID-19 crisis passes
  • What’s next: Smart ways to approach the continuing information chaos

  • Jon Drummond
    Director, External Relations
    Discover Financial Services