Making WFH Work (Even After Reopening): Approaching Employee Recognition and Wellbeing Holistically

Employees are the lifeblood of organizations, so ensuring their wellbeing is a crucial element of internal communications, especially as the employee experience has shifted to remote and digital workplaces. How can you communicate important messages and increase workforce involvement when employee burnout is rising? Tara Davis, Director of Staff Well-Being and Engagement at the American Psychological Association, will share the organization’s five-point model of a psychologically healthy workplace and how the APA uses it to ensure engaged and loyal employees—even in times of crisis.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to communicate updates and offer resources without overwhelming employees
  • How to provide moments of certainty during a time of continuing uncertainty
  • Ideas for adapting employee engagement and recognition to virtual and remote workplaces
  • What organizations should provide employees in terms of self-care—and ways to improve workplace wellbeing
  • Tara Davis
    Director of Staff Well-Being and Engagement
    American Psychological Association