Making Culture Contagious: How to Create a Winning Employee Ambassador Program

Your brand’s biggest cheerleaders may be hiding in the org chart. But activating and supporting them can be difficult. If you want employees to be stewards of the brand, you need to build trust and demonstrate an authentic understanding of their needs. Only then can you create the care and commitment that inspires them to be vocal and proud ambassadors for your brand. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a successful employee ambassador program from the ground up.
  • Smart step-by-step strategies to grow your program authentically.
  • How to mobilize employees to officially represent your brand and business.
  • Measurement: How to track, present and deliver measurable results for your program.
  • Bonus: Examples of how employee ambassadors can shut down bad press and advocate for their organization in times of crisis.
  • Maren McGrane
    Vice President of Communication,Culture & Strategic Initiatives
    Sonic Automotive