Make your corporate story sizzle—for even the dullest topics

Corporate communications can easily get bogged down with jargon and complexity. With a little creativity, you can instead tell your corporate story in a way that excites people—no matter how complex or niche your organization or product. Josh Criscoe, corporate communications senior manager at PayPal, will show you how to supercharge corporate communications through content-driven storytelling. You’ll learn how to use creative tactics such as graphics and tips for leveraging digital channels to help tell your story—and interest your audience.

Key Highlights:

  • How you can make people care about your organization and content even if your industry or topic is traditionally deemed boring
  • How to move beyond the press release and some spice to your next corporate announcement or product launch
  • Ideas for telling your story through every channel available to you and your team
  • How to engage executives to amplify your announcements for greater reach and engagement
  • Josh Criscoe
    Senior manager of corporate and financial communications