“Magic Moments” from IRL to URL: Secrets of success on social media and beyond

Consumers love the way a great story makes them feel, and today’s technology enables storytellers to build lasting relationships across different mediums. Join this session to discover how to effectively craft content to create “magical moments” with consumers. You’ll hear how to create brilliant creative and content strategies, and gain a deeper understanding of your user/buyer’s journeys resulting in amazing experiences that seamlessly integrate real-world and social media activations. You’ll also enjoy clips from work with clients like Cruella, Murder on the Orient Express, Minute to Fix It and more. You’ll learn:

  • The creative process: Tips for brainstorming big, brilliant ideas
  • Customer’s journey deep dive: What communicators often overlook, from click paths to compelling content that hits hot buttons every step of the way
  • Ways to take unexpected social media approaches—from paid to organic content—to garner attention from core and new audiences alike
  • How to create memorable connections through storytelling—from content, to delivery, to engagement—that increase your target audience impact
  • How to evolve your brand voice to better engage with your audience and drive conversions, loyalty and ROI
  • Gina Michnowicz
    CEO & Chief Creative Officer
    The Craftsman Agency