Listening Strategies for Leadership: The Art and Science of Feedback Loops

Feedback is in, top-down communications is out. The benefits for execs and employees include higher productivity, increased initiative and a workforce that feels essential, valued and heard. When done right, it fosters a more collaborative culture. But it doesn’t happen on its own — it requires an organizational listening strategy from the C-suite to the cubicle. Join to hear:

  • Foundations: The latest active listening principles, how to train execs to have meaningful one-on-one conversations.
  • Buy-in: How to ensure buy-in at the highest levels of management and HR.
  • Commtech: Innovative technology solutions, apps and channels to create measurable, more effective feedback loops for exec and employee comms.
  • Surveys 3.0: Why your employee surveys don’t work and how to fix them.
  • Crucial conversations: How to have tough talks with execs, direct reports and employees when layoffs, uncertainty and other threats loom.
  • Sharing in success: Ways to promote milestones that result from leadership engagement with front-line teams.
  • Julie Miller
    Sr. Global Internal Communications Manager
  • Tia Over
    Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer
    Spring Green Communications
  • Jacqueline Mason
    Program Director, Strategic Communications – Internal
    University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center