Light Up Your Feeds: Secrets of Sizzling, Shareable Social Media Copy

Social media copy must be clear, colorful, concise and cool — but it also must scream “Click Me!” if you want to drive real results and move followers to action. Join this informative and fun session to think outside the box when it comes to crafting punchy posts and CTAs on social — without sacrificing personality. You’ll learn:

  • Elements to include in your social media style guide (and why it matters)
  • How to attract and keep eyeballs: Secrets of snappy headlines, listicles and fun posts
  • Examples of social media posts that broke the mold — and captured conversions
  • Ideas for writing for social media visuals and videos — from social cards to funny captions
  • How to find your unique “voice” and deploy it across all your social media channels
  • Nikki Sunstrum
    Director of Social Media
    University of Michigan
  • Tommia Hayes
    Social Media Manager
    National Committee for Quality Assurance