Leveling up Your DEI Program to Unite and Empower a Dispersed Workforce

A dispersed workforce doesn’t have to be a disconnected workforce. By elevating DEI beyond performative measures, you can empower employees to feel supported, connected and seen. Join to see what’s working now to foster a deeper sense of belonging and greater employee engagement with DEI strategies that go beyond checking the box. You’ll learn:

  • How to empower employee resource groups (ERGs) to boost awareness and allyship
  • How to help employees break out of their remote silos, and own their role in DEI by embracing their power, cultural humility and voice
  • How to measure DEI progress at your organization — and present it to the C-suite
  • Storytelling strategies for communicating DEI progress toward goals
  • Amira Barger
    Executive Vice President, Health Sector DEI