Let’s Talk Manager Comms: Come Share and Solve Your Top Challenges

Shockingly, 91% of employees believe their managers are poor communicators (Inc.) and 74% feel left out of crucial information (Gallup). In this session, you’ll be invited to share your most pressing manager comms challenges—and discover practical solutions so you can better serve leaders, managers and employees. Together we’ll cover:

  • The top manager comms challenges you’re facing today.
  • Reframing manager comms as a critical channel and valuable partner to your team.
  • Realigning roles and responsibilities: How to educate managers on what the comms department can and should do for them— and vice versa. 
  • How to gain managers’ confidence through powerful questioning and active listening.
  • What it takes to challenge manager work requests that don’t impact the business or bottom line (like requests to make their PPTs pop).
  • Julie Baron
    Affiliate consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group