Lets E-A-T: How to embrace BERT with a timeless SEO strategy

Pundits are still analyzing the impact of Google’s recent Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) update and what it means to content creators. Sidestep all the theory and jump right into timeless SEO tactics using the “E-A-T framework” to help you rise in the rankings regardless of update

You’ll learn:

  • How search engines work and what they’re looking for (including BERT)
  • The E-A-T framework: How to use Expertise, Authority and Trust to climb the rankings
  • SEO strategy in three steps—a checklist for creating optimized content
  • What’s next: How to optimize your content for mobile and voice search
  • Can’t-miss online tools to help in your SEO journey
  • Alan Bush
    SEO and digital marketing instructor

    University of California, San Diego