Let’s Co-Create! Balancing AI Art Generation with Authenticity

Empowered by recent advances in artificial intelligence, the DIY-mindset is taking over social media content creation. As marketing professionals soar to new heights of productivity on the backs of platforms such as GhatGPT and Artssy, will your company’s resident graphic designer, copywriter, or even photographer become obsolete? You might be surprised how you’ve already been using Ai for years — and why social media marketers aren’t going anywhere. Discover how to leverage Ai content creation tools the RIGHT WAY in this interactive session. Learn what the buzz is about, including:

  • How to balance the “authenticity” mandated by the rise of TikTok and platforms like BeReal with the “automation” of AI image generators
  • Top AI imaging tools: DALL-E2, Midjourney, Artssy, Stable Diffusion and more. 
  • Using AI image generators to hone brand voice and aesthetics. (FYI: Creating mood boards and brand guidelines is a snap!). 
  • Producing visual content at scale: Examples of social media posts, social ads, infographics, website banners, and even 3D videos created with AI imaging.
  • Let’s co-create: We’ll create a social post together with your live prompts! 
  • Molly Lopez
    Partner and Owner
    HITE Digital, Miami