Lessons Learned: How Domino’s tackled its intranet transformation

Do employees click away from your intranet the moment they log on? Even worse, is your intranet so clunky and cumbersome that it’s the last place they look for company news? This is hard to accept. You spend precious hours writing and editing content your mass employee audience ignores! Domino’s faced and successfully overcame this stumbling block. You can too! Join Stacie Barrett for an inspirational session to see how the pizza powerhouse managed to transform its intranet.

Key Highlights:

  • Tips to secure buy-in for a new internal social network
  • Ways to use your intranet social network to stimulate conversation
  • How you can motivate employees to change behavior on your intranet
  • How to turn employee feedback into action: Watch performance soar
  • To apply Domino’s lessons learned to your intranet to change your culture
  • Stacie Barrett
    Director of internal communication
    Domino's Pizza