Lessons Learned: Case Studies in What Works and What’s Next for Change Comms

Now that you’ve heard the best frameworks, messaging guidelines and digital channels to use, here’s how comms execs at two global brands applied them to the biggest transformations of the past year—and how a nonprofit leader in workplace safety did the same. Their examples will provide insights to help you communicate through tough times ahead—while keeping your employees engaged and safe.

You’ll learn:

  • How two brands aligned 12,000 employees in a global M&A during Covid
  • How a global company achieved trust and unity amid layoffs and furloughs
  • Re-orging comms teams: Lessons in merging work styles and tools
    (including Zoom, microsites and intranets)
  • How to project manage change initiatives so the right conversations happen
  • KPIs: How companies and nonprofits can measure change comms successes
  • The nonprofit “built for good” conundrum: How to overcome a common
    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude in nonprofit change management
  • How communicators can influence leaders to act, not just “message” around change
  • How to overcome employee skepticism of workplace safety and change initiatives
    that stem from HR (plus how to turn OSHA into an ally)
  • What’s next: How to handle vaccine, return-to-work and other timely topics
  • Roger Kerson
    Creative Director
    RK Communications
  • Brooke Robertson
    Director of Public Relations, Senior Communications Manager
  • Sheila Noel
    Vice President of Global Employee Communications