Leading Through LinkedIn, Facebook and More: Executive Communications During COVID-19

Effective online executive presences can emphasize your organization’s mission and vision—and as people grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders can provide sought-after advice and answers as both employees and consumers seek connection and reassurance. Walmart’s chief executive, Doug McMillion, continues to keep his door open to both employees and consumers, addressing concerns and thanking associates for their work throughout the pandemic. Micah Laney, Senior Manager of Social Media Strategy for Walmart, will share how visits, stories, images and videos have helped unite employees and consumers around the nation as executive interactions increase both trust and loyalty.

You’ll learn:

  • How executives can thoughtfully engage online during a crisis and create emotional connections
  • Tips for integrating content best practices and social media training into your executive’s online presence
  • Ways to cut to the heart of your messages and make your workforce the center of your storytelling efforts
  • How to communicate key messages and stories that build trust and dispel misinformation
  • Micah Laney
    Sr. Manager, Corporate and Executive Digital Strategy