Internal podcasts: Reach more employees more powerfully

Your own tech-savvy employees are bored, too. They expect your organization to deliver news on new channels, including audio and video. Internal communication pros who relied on email and print newsletters must now deliver information in creative formats to interest employees. Audio and video podcasts are getting bigger and bigger. Staff listen or watch content on demand on their computers and mobile devices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should use audio and video podcasts
  • The right tools to upgrade the quality of your podcast
  • The best internal channels to increase your listeners
  • What content performs best on audio and video podcasts
  • Why a well-designed podcast gets your audience’s attention better than almost any other medium
  • A step-by-step technical process to produce your own podcast
  • Steve Lubetkin
    Managing Partner
    Lubetkin Media Companies LLC