Internal Communicators: Shift from doing to leading

How do you elevate the role of internal communication from execution to strategy? Over the past ten years Domino’s Pizza has turned its brand around, and successful internal communication played a key part. Stacie Barrett shares the story of Domino’s, along with the steps she took to raise the bar for the internal communication function. She will outline the process of taking a one-person team that merely sent out communications to building a six-person team that’s invited to the table to develop messaging and strategy.

Key Highlights:

  • Educate your leadership on the power of strong communication
  • Remove clutter to craft must-read communications
  • Reinforce the need for effective internal communication and grow your team
  • Break down barriers and communicate across departments to promote communication across your organization
  • Stacie Barrett
    Director of internal communication
    Domino's Pizza