Inside the newsroom: Pitching tips and tricks to stake your media coverage claim

As a veteran journalist and Money editor at Reuters, Lauren Young doesn’t ask a lot of questions—she demands answers. It’s a trait possessed by reporters looking to serve their readers with news, trends and scoops—hot off the presses (or internet). As newsrooms grow smaller and reporters’ plates are piled higher, PR pros need to be more strategic than ever to connect with members of the news media and help them tell outstanding stories—while also grabbing media coverage for their organization or client. The secret to success lies in the art of the pitch. In this interactive fireside session, you’ll be invited to ask questions as Young will share the elements of pitches that entice reporters—as well as those that make them turn away. Josh Criscoe, head of financial communications for PayPal, will moderate the discussion.

You’ll learn:

The components of outstanding pitches that can turn into storytelling gold

How to give reporters what they want, when they want it

Ways to tailor your pitches to ensure relevance and timeliness

Tips to enhance relationships and boost pitching success through social media

The best methods to connect with reporters

  • Lauren Young
    Wealth editor
  • Josh Criscoe
    Senior manager of corporate and financial communications