Influencers are the new social currency: Practical strategies for working with tech tastemakers

As PR and marketing efforts become increasingly more digital, and as the digital landscape becomes ever more cluttered, communicators must find new ways to build trust with consumers. Enter influencers. These highly engaged social media users can elevate your brand’s image and help you build content that feels real. How can you couple your social media and content efforts with these digital rock stars—and stay true to your brand voice? Jessica Jensen, global director of marketing at Qualcomm, launched the organization’s first social influencer marketing program, and will show you how you can do the same.

Key Highlights:

  • Core qualities of influencers and necessary steps to building influencer campaigns
  • How you can gain executive buy-in and get your organization’s leaders—and internal influencers—involved
  • Best practices in influencer marketing—and mistakes to avoid
  • Tips for working with third-party content creators while still maintaining your own brand integrity
  • Ways to measure your program effectiveness and the marriage of qualitative and quantitative results
  • Jessica Jensen
    Global director of marketing