Influencer Marketing: Do’s, Don’ts and What’s Next

From serving as heralds of brand purpose and culture to being the face of your new product or feature, it’s more important than ever to incorporate influencers into your marketing strategy. But how do you find the best fit among your brand enthusiasts—and how do you onboard them in a way that preserves an authentic voice and hits ROI goals? Case studies shared in this session have the answers.

You’ll learn:

  • How to balance your paid strategies with authenticity — from setting expectations with influencers to working with outside agencies
  • Ways to research and identify the right influencers and create a mutually beneficial partnership
  • How to bolster your influencer agreements with expectations for posting cadence that align with larger marketing goals
  • Examples of influencer campaigns that tapped into a culture of coaster enthusiasts, TikTok stars and even a gathering of mommy bloggers
  • Successful ways to incentivize and reward your influencers (sometimes with experiences and access beyond financial considerations)

  • Nate Sandell
    Senior manager, social media
    Mall of America
  • Shaun W. Kimbrow
    PR Manager - Head of Midwest Division
    Lobeline Communications
  • Drea Gonzalez
    Digital and Media Strategist
    Lobeline Communications