Inclusive Writing Strategies that Foster Belonging

There’s no time like the present to start using inclusive language — it demonstrates a conscious effort to communicate with respect for, and acceptance of, people from different backgrounds. In this session, we’ll discuss how an inclusive approach to your writing strategy can not only result in better content but show employees that they belong.

You’ll learn:

  • How to write respectfully about people and their identities
  • Ways to give employees key opportunities to self-identify & tips for adjusting language based on how specific communities like to be identified
    • Leveraging tools like the Micropedia of Microaggressions
    • ERG guidebooks, ERG programming & content development
  • How proper nouns and an active voice will help keep people at the forefront of your language
  • Amplify your awareness and keep your finger on the cultural pulse
    • Follow various cultural leaders’ accounts
    • Seek out educational cultural content (reading, films, podcasts)
  • Destiny Chambers
    VP, Head of Marketing
    Lippe Taylor