Impacting Employee Wellbeing Through Diversity and Inclusion

An inclusive workplace supports employee wellbeing through its positive effects on employee self-concept and self-esteem; enhanced career achievements and progression; greater work-life balance; social connectedness and belonging; reduced discrimination, prejudice and harassment and pro-social behavior. In this session we will share research and examine how diversity and inclusion can truly impact employee wellbeing, through topics including:

  • Learning how workplaces that are inclusive foster enhanced employee wellbeing
  • Understanding why employees with high levels of wellbeing are more inclusive
  • Examining effective wellbeing initiatives to accommodate the unique needs of different employees
  • Identifying best practice diversity and inclusion programs that recognize mental health and wellbeing as a diversity issue
  • Measuring inclusiveness as an analytics factor in the success of your wellbeing program
  • Jordan Fickess
    Vice President of Communications & Culture
    Common Threads