Hybrid or Remote? Understand the Unique Communications Challenges Posed by Different Workplace Arrangements

The pandemic created a myriad of workplace challenges for different organizations—while some moved to being completely remote, others had essential workers that needed to clock in as usual, but with new procedures. Some plan to slowly return to offices—and others officially announced work from anywhere policies. No matter which approach your organization takes, you’ll be tasked with getting employees on board with the changes, and ensuring culture remains intact.

During this panel, we’ll discuss the benefits and challenges of hybrid, in-person and remote work set-ups—and how to envision and prepare for a transformed working environment.

You’ll learn:

  • How to critically rethink the purpose of in-person work spaces to maximize productivity—and sell employees on the value of your new model
  • Case studies of organizations successfully using innovative hybrid or fully remote models for their workplace
  • What your organization’s updated return-to-work plan means for you as a communicator—prepare for the employee engagement challenges that will dominate your year
  • Ways to balance the needs of on-site vs. remote and connected vs. non-desk employees and foster collaboration between functions
  • Jonny Oser
    Internal communications director
  • Jill Hastie
    Director, CEO and Strategy Communications
  • Philip DeSouza
    Director, Communications & Marketing