Humanizing Executive Leadership

Communicating to employees on behalf of your Executive Leadership Team (ELT) can be a complex challenge. As an Internal Comms pro, you must make sure your ELT is building trust and connecting with all employees regardless of location and role. In this session, we will discuss how to:

  • Work with your CEO and entire C-suite to get them to share their personal stories, passions and stands on social-impact topics
  • Have your ELT celebrate and thank frontline employees and others in the organization
  • Deliver content in different methods and channels to drive increased engagement with your messages across the entire organization
  • Address change management in a proactive and positive manner to empower employees to share feedback
  • Tanya Thomas
    Director of Customer & Employee Experience
  • Matthew Papuchis
    Director of Internal Communications
    Inova Health
  • Loretta Green-Williams
    Founding Director
    Women of Concern Professionals & Strategic Conscious Networking (WOCPSCN)