How We’re Winning the Talent Crunch: New Employer Branding and #Belonging Strategies

The past few years have been disruptive. Return-to-work plans were thrown into chaos and more employees left for opportunities more aligned with their values, sense of purpose—and pursuit of belonging. With the relationship between prospects and employers changed, now’s the perfect time for external comms to step in with new digital strategies to help their organizations find and hire the best and brightest. In this interactive presentation-meets-panel, you’ll see what others are doing to right the ship. You’ll learn:

  • Looking ahead: Anatomy of strong digital employer branding programs that embrace diversity, belonging and purpose
  • Storytelling as a superpower: How others are working closely with HR, recruiting and marketing to share people-first employer brand stories
  • Examples of how others are driving activation of Employee Value Propositions across geographies and channels
  • Social media focus: Examples of successful employer branding content to post Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and beyond
  • Bonus AMA lightning round: Ask our panelists anything you need to know about becoming a better place to work — including how they’re measuring success
  • Kayla Washington
    Director of Global Employment Brand and Recruitment
    Gallagher (AJG)
  • Paige Elliott
    Manager of Employer Branding, Engagement and DE&I in the Americas
    Veeam Software