How UPMC Ditched Organizational Structure in Favor of Employee Experience

UPMC’s internal clients had a tight grip on their intranet real estate. It was becoming the wild west with little governance, and content was arranged by organizational structure. This meant that employees had to know that “shuttle schedules” actually belonged to Supply Chain, or that “travel” belonged to Finance. In their recent upgrade to SharePoint 2013, the team overhauled the information architecture with employees’ user experience in mind. UPMC slimmed down its intranet from 341 sites to 95 without losing relevant content. And now a new topic-based information structure is transforming the way team members find information.

Key Highlights:

  • How to ditch organizational structure and prepare a topic-based information architecture
  • Why a topic-based information architecture eliminates duplication and effort
  • How to have difficult conversations with clients and stakeholders about losing their ownership of site structure
  • How to go through every piece of your intranet’s content (and why it’s so worth it)
  • Ideas for promoting your intranet team as user experience experts to minimize pushback and establish credibility
  • Karissa Quinlan
    Senior Manager of Internal Communications