How to Turn the Choir into Preachers: Empower Others to Sing Your Praises

Whether your social media team is an ensemble or a solo show, we often overlook ways to amplify our messages and reach a larger audience. When you tap into internal stakeholders’ expertise and external advocates’ enthusiasm, you not only reach more fans and followers— you reach different fans and followers. Whether it’s convincing your skeptical CEO to tweet, keeping your overzealous HR recruiters on the same page or engaging your business partners to become brand champions, this discussion will share insights and spark ideas for companies and nonprofits of all sizes and specialties.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social media training tips for execs and in-house experts
  • Ways to win over your biggest social media skeptics
  • How to create toolkits for your key influencers
  • How in-person connections will improve online results
  • Brainstorm on identifying and engaging your own advocates
  • Jake Jacobson
    Former director of PR
    Children’s Mercy Kansas City