How to Succeed in Interviews and Media Train Executives to Strengthen Your Brand’s Reputation

Speaking to reporters or officials can feel like a daunting task—what if a fumbled sentence or out-of-context sound bite comes back to hurt your company and its reputation? With the right preparation and understanding of the media, you and your executives can go into interviews with the confidence needed to stay on strategy. Johnna Miller will share principles and strategies used by the American Farm Bureau Federation to prepare top spokespeople and executives for hard-hitting interviews.

You’ll learn:

  • Techniques to ensure your key messages are reiterated throughout an interview
  • How to show leaders the importance of media training—and give them the confidence and skills to enter interviews with ease
  • How media training helps you proactively establish your brand narrative—rather than responding to stories
  • Mental preparedness tips and how to get in the right state of mind to speak thoughtfully and confidently
  • Johnna Miller
    Director of media and advocacy training
    American Farm Bureau Federation