How to Make the Social Enterprise Case to Your C-suite

Do you want to convince leaders that social participation in the workplace is valuable? It’s easier to turn around a jumbo jet on a suburban driveway! Employees participating online openly, freely and wildly terrifies many leaders. What if someone says something negative? What if new product ideas appear in the middle of discussion threads? What if employees reveal company weak spots? What if others jump on the bandwagon?

Here’s the bigger question: What if they don’t? Becky Graebe will walk you through all the considerations when you take your organization social, including the risks no one wants to face. Solid ideas and proven methods will move decision makers beyond hand-wringing and fear of losing control. Instead, they’ll weigh the costs of not moving to a social, engaging way of working.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ensure external company values match your corporate culture
  • Let issues be settled in the workplace before they air on Twitter and Facebook
  • Spur sharing of new ideas internally, before they end up in competitors’ hands
  • Help employees working remotely, globally or in HQ feel connected at work
  • Encourage next-gen workers to think of you as a great place to work
  • Make sure the knowledge of veterans is recorded long before they call it quits