How to Integrate Content Marketing in the Real World—Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid

It’s true: Content is the NEW Marketing … the NEW Public Relations … and the NEW way to create impassioned fans for your brand. But what exactly does content marketing and brand journalism look like in the real world—once you peel away all the hype and hoopla? How can it practically be incorporated into your department and company? What pitfalls and challenges must you overcome when integrating content marketing or taking your content efforts to the next level? Ford Motor Company’s Global Marketing and Digital Communications Manager Angie Kozleski will show you exactly how it was done at Ford—and how you, too, can develop a content strategy that builds brand, buzz and the bottom line.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create content so useful that people will share it over and over again
  • Become the #1 destination for customers and potential customers—and do it on a tiny budget
  • Integrate social media and content to boost your website traffic
  • Generate sales leads by writing must-read white papers for customers
  • Build a subscription list of customers, the media and key influencers and keep them coming back
  • Use content curation to build a rich editorial strategy on a small budget
  • Measure the success of your content strategy
  • Angie Kozleski
    Digital Content Strategy
    Ford Motor Company