How to Growth Hack Your PR Efforts: Ways to Boost Media Coverage, Gain Buzz and Prove ROI

In an increasingly crowded news media landscape and as reporters are having to produce more content across additional channels with less resources and staff, it’s crucial for PR pros to adapt new best practices to forge relationships and attract the kind of buzz that garners media coverage and bottom-line success. Cast aside the old ways of pitching and drafting press releases that fall short of targeted outreach. In this panel with Kristin Daher, Founder and President of Powerhouse Communications, learn how to use growth hacking and business strategies to create savvy PR strategies that help you stand out from the crowd, gain attention (in the right way) and strengthen your brand.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to break through the noise and clutter of a crowded news media landscape to reach and resonate with journalists
  • How the media ecosystem is expanding—and how that translates into opportunities for PR pros
  • Ideas for incorporating growth hacking best practices into a holistic PR strategy that boosts the bottom line and proves ROI
  • Ideas for creating stories and content based on data, insights and trends—and how to measure and report your success
  • How to better work with your PR agency or external partner(s)
  • Justin Joffe
    Manager, Strategic Programming
    Ragan Communications
  • Jake Mazanke
    Senior Manager of Corporate Communications
    Teladoc Health
  • Enid Maran
    Managing Director, Global Customer Success and Operations
  • Kristin Daher
    Founder and President
    Powerhouse Communications