How to Engage and Connect Non-desk Employees

To reach people in the world’s most remote places, global health and humanitarian organizations have to use engaging global communication tools. These organizations rely on their intranets to educate, engage and connect people on a global scale. The challenge of creating meaningful ways to do this across cultures within your budget is no easy task. JoEllen Saeli-Lane will show you some tools large global organizations use to connect and engage employees—even those thousands of miles away from one another.

Key Highlights:

  • Create a mobile experience for your employees in the field
  • Build employee recognition into your communication strategy and platforms
  • Customize your search to connect employees to organization experts and to important information
  • Put the resources that your employees care about at their fingertips
  • Engage email-only employees with a newsletter that pushes them to the intranet for more info
  • JoEllen Saeli-Lane
    Senior director of communications
    Formerly of the CDC