How to Create an Effective Email Strategy Using Benchmarking Data

How are your internal emails performing? Do employees even read the email you send? To gauge how well your email communications are performing you’ll need a good benchmark. Together, we’ll perform a communications audit to see how your organization measures up and set goals and objectives to improve your communications strategy. With data and insights from the analysis of over 465 million emails, we’ll share email best practices and benchmarks across 10 industry sectors.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Which channels are most effective for employee communications
  • How targeting your audience can lead to increased email readership
  • The secret to avoiding email overload
  • Best practices from the top 20% of corporate communicators and what they are doing differently
  • How to apply these findings to improve your overall internal communication strategy
  • Melissa Katski-Berry
    Enterprise account sales manager
    PoliteMail Software